Increased communication skills

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Increased communication a look at one of our persona examples: a chart showing how to define personas Tip: If you are going to start a business from scratch we recommend that you only map one persona so that you can focus your efforts. As your digital venture matures you will eventually discover other buyer profiles […]

Skills for solving difficult situations

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Skills for solving the more targete the subject of your online course the easier it will be for you to gain authority in that niche. Continuing with the example of the harmonica course selling music courses online is a very broad market so competition is high. But if you specify the subject further such as […]

Prospects for the profession

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Prospects for youre from the time when to do a school or college project you had to look for information at Barsa. Did you hit a nostalgia there. Over the years things have change a lot. Have you ever stoppe to think that more and more we have all kinds of information and services in […]

How much does a community manager earn

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How much does is one of the social networks that has the most interaction potential. Any post you make can ensure that other people reply. Literally translated: answer. That is the user also brings his perception of that topic which allows more knowledge. About his audience to devise strategies. How to ensure effective and strategic […]

Who is a JS developer

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Who is a careful not to use this as an excuse to procrastinate. Exercise regularly This tip is actually not very useful when you are desperate but it should be a habit that is part of your routine. Especially if your job requires you to be a creative person. A study by researchers at Leiden […]

What a JS developer needs to know

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What a JS developer or recording videos becomes a part of your routine creative block will hardly hit you as you will have a stock of topics. And to make your job of being creative even easier I brought you a list of Tools to help you overcome creative block Technology not only can but […]

A large number of additional tools


A large number in this article I will give you some suggestions of technologies that can help you in this mission. Write freely without editing Remember we said that perfectionism is one of the greatest enemies of creativity. If you keep editing that is correcting and adjusting the sentences while you are putting an idea […]

Ensuring the safety of users on the Internet

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Ensuring the safety is a Chrome extension that you can configure to restrict access to certain websites within a certain time frame. Thus you avoid being distracte by social networks for example. The Tomato Timer is a stopwatch for those who are adept at the Pomodoro Technique which consists of working focuse for minutes and […]

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