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Skills for solving the more targete the subject of your online course the easier it will be for you to gain authority in that niche. Continuing with the example of the harmonica course selling music courses online is a very broad market so competition is high. But if you specify the subject further such as a sheet music reading course or a harmonica sheet music reading course your market will be segmente and therefore it is easier for you to be a reference in this subject. Of course by segmenting so much your audience ends up being smaller. But the advantage of working with very specific niche markets is that you can be more assertive in your offer to your audience.

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Furthermore an audience that knows exactly what it is looking for is much more likely to buy your product than a very large audience that still doesnt quite understand what it wants. To read more on Panama Email List the subject visit our full post on how to choose the ideal niche for your first online course. Discover your ideal audience: persona analysis As important as defining a profitable niche is understanding exactly the characteristics of the public to which you will offer your product.

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In addition to identifying general representative aspects such as gender and age we must analyze specific characteristics of your ideal client. Thats where I introduce you to the personas. But Phone Lead what is persona . Personas are semifictional characters that represent an ideal customer for your business and are base on analysis of real customers in that market. In addition to demographic data you should record behavior patterns professional and personal goals any problems they face and that your product could solve. When you understand exactly the audience you are dealing with the more precise you will be able to be in your actions to publicize your online course.

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