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Who is a careful not to use this as an excuse to procrastinate. Exercise regularly This tip is actually not very useful when you are desperate but it should be a habit that is part of your routine. Especially if your job requires you to be a creative person. A study by researchers at Leiden University in the Netherlands demonstrate that people who exercise four times a week did better than sedentary people on creativity tests. Sleep tight A bad nights sleep in addition to making you tire and in a bad mood the next day can also reduce your creativity and cause a blockage.

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This happens because sleep is essential for consolidating organizing and structuring memories in the brain which is directly linke to the creative process. Other than physical and mental exhaustion Saint Helena Email List increases your stress level. And as youve already seen this is not good for anyone who needs to come up with new ideas. Define the themes of your content in advance Now if the cause of your block is a lack of planning creating an editorial calendar with the content you need to produce is the ideal solution for you.

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This form of organization will help you to be clear about what needs to be do and also how to better manage your time. This way you avoid putting yourself under unnecessary pressure to come up Phone Lead with an idea quickly because you will have enough time to create your content be it written audio or video. Assemble the general structure Before putting your hand in the dough and starting to write a blog article or a video script the ideal is to assemble the skeleton. This is the general structure of what you are going to talk about what the topics and subtopics will be in what order.

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