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Increased communication a look at one of our persona examples: a chart showing how to define personas Tip: If you are going to start a business from scratch we recommend that you only map one persona so that you can focus your efforts. As your digital venture matures you will eventually discover other buyer profiles that also need your attention. At that time you will be able to identify new personas. If you already have a business and intend to turn it into an online course interview your own customers students and understand what the pattern is among them to outline your persona. Also read our complete post that will teach you how to create a persona for your business.

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Define the format of your online course One of the great benefits in addition to those already mentione above is the diversity of formats that the internet allows for the creation of online courses. There Papua New Guinea Email List is no ideal format in the universe of digital products but the one that best conveys the content of your course to your audience. Before going into details lets get to know the main types of info products on the market. ebooks It is a very popular format among online courses as they are simple to create and access.

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The ebook easily adapts to any device that has a compatible digital reader and there is no need for internet to access it if it has already been save on the device. In a few steps it is possible to Phone Lead learn how to create an ebook check it out in our post. Video classes This online course format is also very practical and easy to produce even if you have no experience with video tools. Smartphones themselves have excellent quality cameras capable of capturing highresolution video to produce attractive video lessons for your students. This format is mostly suite to subjects that need some kind of demonstration such as cooking classes or physical exercise classes.

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