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Both communication watch our YouTube lesson on niche picking click here. In this step you should expand your possibilities by analyzing those niches that can bring the most positive results to your online course. Start by listing subjects of interest to you and also make room for those that even if you dont identify yourself so much at first can attract a good audience. For example: Maybe you are an amazing musician and know how to play the harmonica very well. With that it would be more intuitive to create and sell online courses that teach how to play this instrument wouldnt it.

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However you may find that the harmonica is not a soughtafter musical instrument. So it is preferable to think of other subjects that are more researche such as classes that teach how Palestine Email List to read sheet music for example. You may not be an expert in this subject but as you already have a little more affinity for being in the same area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise as yours it will certainly be easier and more pleasant to learn about the subject in order to be able to teach it. But dont make any choice taking into account only the guesses that is dont stick to what you believe can be profitable.

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The internet provides several resources that allow us to confirm whether our assumptions are true. So use resources that help you in this decision. Keyword research tools are essential in this process. You Phone Lead can use SemRush and Keyword Planner which will offer the search volume for each searche term. You can even use Google Trends to find out how these terms are evolving over the years. google trends for online courses In general the more generic the topic the greater the search volume as well as your competition.

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