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A large number in this article I will give you some suggestions of technologies that can help you in this mission. Write freely without editing Remember we said that perfectionism is one of the greatest enemies of creativity. If you keep editing that is correcting and adjusting the sentences while you are putting an idea on paper you stop the flow of thoughts. The ideal is to first write everything that is on your mind and then come back reviewing and making the necessary adjustments. Because the tendency is that the more you try to deliver something perfect the first time the more difficult it will be for you to get ideas from your head to paper.

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Write the parts you already have ready in mind You dont necessarily need to start a text at the beginning. Here at Hotmelts blog for example the introduction of an article is usually the last thing we South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands Email List write after wove already develop the entire body. The content team does it this way because the strongest idea that is defend in the article is the one that is present in the introduction consequently this is the most difficult to develop. So we start with what is easiest and former in the head.

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The result of this process is that many times the idea for the introduction emerges while we are writing the body of the article. Dont compare yourself to others There’s a phrase you may have heard: don’t Phone Lead compare other peoples main stage to your backstage. When a text a video a post is publisher it has probably already gone through an extensive editing and revision process. It is normal that in this case the quality of the material is superior to what you are developing. Don’t get attaches to it and try to top what other people have already done. In the first moment focus on finding an idea and developing it.

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