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Bills landing page examples This financial company from the Unite States bet on an interactive landing page. The bar that allows you to increase or decrease the size of your debt so that you can ask for an assessment on how to pay it off. When the visitor clicks on the CTA he is direct to a second screen where he will indicate whether he has late payments or not and then which state he lives in. landing page examples All screen transitions on the landing page have a single destination the form to capture the potential customer’s data and send him an analysis of how he can negotiate his debts.

Purposes of calculating the FFP

landing page examples Landing Folio landing page examples This landing page uses an argument that is always very strong stop doing something you don’t like and save time. The book promises more than Papua New Guinea Email List ready-made and tests formulas to create titles that will leverage your sales. You would no longer need to waste time making this demand. Again the power of a strong title with a good user offer. In addition the lime green CTA stands out and harmonizes with the rest of the colors but there is a second more discreet action option which is to see some headline examples. T

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Forecast of possible risks

his way the visitor can try the product a little bit before they are sure they are ready to click on the CTA. Muzzle landing page examples Muzzle’s landing page is quite simple. It contains Phone Lead a two-line description and a CTA button to download the app. The great advantage of this page is that it shows the benefit of the product in a very clear and practical way. Muzzle serves to mute notifications while you are screen sharing to prevent others from seeing any embarrassing messages you may receive. So what was done on the page is an animation that shows embarrassing notifications on the right side highlighting exactly the type of thing that the user wants to avoid.

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