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Their landing page combines several tactics that are very interesting and can inspire you. Social proof is use at various times to build credibility through testimonials. With customer photos and quotes from major media outlets. Again the CTA contrasts with the rest of the colors on the page. And in addition the page contains a section that details what the lead. Will have access to if they register to participate in a LinkedIn strategy session. Tesla landing page examples For those who have a physical product this is a great example to be inspire by.

Built-in security mechanisms

Tesla is an electric car manufacturer and made this landing page to sell. Tesla S a luxury sedan from the American automaker. The CTA in this case accompanies the user as he scrolls down the screen Netherlands Email List always at the bottom and with the rod color highlighted. Even with the large amount of information after all you are buying a car the CTA invites you all the time to make a quote or customize the car. Another good move from Tesla if your product saves the customer money time effort show it. On the landing page an interactive calculator shows how much the car owner would save each time he fill up with gas.

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High-speed performance and fault tolerance

On your page you can estimate how much money the potential customer could save per year if they buy your product. Neil Patel landing page examples This is a great example for anyone looking to create Phone Lead a landing page for a course or webinar. The promise is strong generating visitors a month without spending a dollar on ads. The CTA written in the first person encourages the visitor to take action and confirm that they want that outcome too. In addition the countdown to the start of class activates the mental urgency trigger.

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