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Action needs to be taken as soon as possible as it will probably no longer be available later. Camila Porto As in the other examples this landing page uses a strong promise to multiply your sales by up to times. This page features a slightly different element than the others which is a longer description section where she further explains what the offer is before making the CTA. This can be very useful especially in cases where the product or service requires a greater commitment from the potential customer either in terms of time or money.

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Also chose to highlight the payment options which is a good idea to overcome some objections from potential customers regarding how the purchase will be made. Finally it has strong social New Zealand Email List proof. Instead of posting phrases and images of satisfid customers she uses videos which is a more difficult resource to contest. Airbnb landing page examples Hosting service Airbnb adopt a creative way to generate leads on the landing page. The face page shows an estimate monthly earning you could make if you were a host.

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The value is base on the user’s location. Airbnb understood that the best way to break user resistance is to show right away the greatest benefit that the user will have making money. If you are not Phone Lead familiar with the service Airbnb works as follows a person opens the doors of their own house to receive a stranger. In return you receive money for this hosting. As if your house became a hotel. Thus the landing page seeks to solve the main insecurities of the consumer. In this case receiving a stranger at home. The texts address cash guarantees protection insurance and verification of the identity of visitors. As this is a very common objection among hosts it is already handle directly on the landing page.

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