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That is they need to be visually attractive. And to be able to do that these calls need to be attractive. In addition they also need to be efficient and really lead to another action. This can help improve the conversion of your website or blog. It also causes the individual to make a specific decision. Always keep in mind that a call to action needs to be easy to navigate. Therefore it is very important that it is an easy-to-understand button. In general a call to action can appear in different ways and take on different formats.

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The three most common are. Banners This is perhaps the most used call-to-action format currently on blogs social networks and display network ads. A banner consists of an image that presents a greater context about the offer than a simple button. This type of CTA does not have a fixed position or format it can be on the side of a website or inserted in the middle of a blogpost for example. An example is the fixed CTAs that we use on the side of the articles here on our blog Call to Action Know everything about.

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CTA While you read the text it remains visible offering some offer or relevant content related to the topic you are reading. Buttons Another very common CTA format on website pages email campaign Phone Lead forms sales pages e-commerce among others are the buttons. Generally this type of call to action helps the person to initiate or complete a certain action. When deciding to purchase a product in an online store the page may have a button to complete this action with the text Complete purchase. An example is the home of Gmail Google’s email service. It features a button that takes you to the account creation page Local to action button.

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