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However despite this idea within the marketing mix being new to many people it has existed since the s when it began to be developed by the American Robert F. Lauterborn. Now it is worth mentioning that even if it is an evolution the two concepts Cs and Ps can coexist making you have a much more assertive and efficient strategy that fits better in the consumer journey. Therefore throughout this article we will tell you about these two concepts and how you can apply them to your business! First understand below the meaning of each of the Cs of marketing. Customer The first C is precisely the protagonist of this strategy the customer.

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One of the most important aspects when creating a marketing strategy is knowing your target audience well after all this is the only way to offer a solution to the problems that potential customers face. In this Lebanon Email List sense doing research and creating personas is essential. The persona goes beyond the traditional target audience also including habits lifestyle and even your desires. So try to get as much relevant information as possible about who buys from you. Whatever you give! Because from the moment you know your customer in depth it becomes much easier to create quality products and services for them.

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Therefore in the Cs of marketing think first of your customer that the rest can come in a simpler way. Cost In the Ps this would be the time to talk about Price. But this is not the case. By the way do not Phone Lead think that we exchanged a word for a synonym. After all cost is not the same as price. Here what we must think about is the Cost as a whole a global cost. This includes everything the customer look at it again will need to spend to purchase your product or the expenses your business may have to offer it.

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