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Example of CTA leading to a landing page We have several in-depth content on the subject. Click here and access our rich materials page!. Buy a product One of the main purposes of a CTA is to get someone to make a purchase. This indeed is an important goal and requires a good call. You can use buttons with contrasting colors to the page and with command or action texts such as imperative or infinitive verbs. Examples “Buy now” Purchase your product “Purchase” Why do you need to use a CTA in your content.

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The CTA is like a booster or bridge that connects people to the next steps in the sales funnel. If you already know a little about Inbound Marketing you know that the sales funnel is one of the main strategies to convert and generate sales right? But the person who is surfing the internet and reaches the top of their funnel doesn’t know that they have a way to go. To become a customer of your business she needs a hand that is an incentive to continue entering the sales funnel. But one thing all CTAs have in common they are custom buttons or links that grab attention.

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That’s where the call to action comes in with a super important function to guide those who are on the page from step to step until the final goal. It is directly related to increased conversions and Phone Lead consequently sales. What are the call to action formats and how to choose the best one? You understand what a call to action is and its importance. But how is it in practice? Well CTAs come in many forms! Some may be purchase buttons such as add to cart. Others links to subscription forms or newsletter receipt. We also have polls buttons to indicate a product post the content on social networks and so on.

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