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Take note of the access options you can assign. Facebook offers three levels of access: full control: formerly call the “business admin.” this role has total control over the account’s settings. Business assets. Tools. And people. People with full control can also delete the account. This role is best for business owners. Partial access: best for marketing team members or external vendors. People with partial access can only work on tasks and business assets assign to them. Advance options: adding this option to a role allows people to work on assign tasks in addition to the access they have with full control or partial access.

Underneath Other Important Information

This role is meant for people who may ne access to financial information previously the finance itor or finance analyst roles. Once you know which roles are available. Here’s how to set up your team. From the business manager menu. Select people. Once there. Click on the blue button in the right hand corner that says add people. Enter the business email address of a team member you want to add. 

This might include employees. Freelance business email list contractors. Or business partners. In this step. You are specifically adding individuals rather than an agency or another business you can do that in the next step. On the first screen after clicking add people. You can enter the business email address of people you want to add to your account.

Like the Number of Posts and Follower

Next select the access you want to give them. You can decide whether to give these individuals basic account access choose partial access or full access choose full control. Note: facebook recommends limiting full control to only a few people. You can get more specific in the next stage. Make sure to add people using their work email addresses. 

Then click next. Once you’ve chosen Phone Lead who to invite to your business manager account. This screen allows you to select the level of access you give them. Partial/basic access is the default shown. Next select which business assets you want to give that person access to. The dropdown menu will display all of the facebook pages and instagram accounts under your business account.

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