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You can search for your existing page. This screen shows a search for the jasper’s market page. With several existing pages showing in the search results. Step add your facebook ad accounts note that once you add your ad account to facebook business manager. You can’t remove it. So it’s especially important only to add accounts you own. To access a client account. Click request access instead. If you’re already using facebook ads. You can link your existing ad account as follows: from the business manager dashboard. Click add ad account click add ad account again finally. Enter the ad account id. Which you can find in ads manager. If you don’t already have a facebook ads account.

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The process to add an ad account is similar to adding a page. From the business manager menu. Select business assets. Once there. Click on the blue button in the right hand corner that says add assets. If you don’t already have a facebook ads account. You select add assets under the business assets menu. 

The add assets button is located at the b2b leads top right of the screen. You’ll see several drop-down options to choose from. Select advertising. Then select the ad account. Once you’ve chosen to add an asset to your business page. You’ll select an ad account under advertising to create your ad account. The menu also includes options to add a custom conversion. A pixel. An events dataset. Or an offline event set. 

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Select create a new ad account. Enter the details for the ad account you want to create. These details include the ad account name. Your time zone. And the currency in which you’ll pay for your ads. When you are creating a new ad account. Facebook/meta will ask you to name the account. Select the time zone. 

And select the currency you will Phone Lead be using. Step 4. Add people to help you manage your facebook assets. Keeping on top of your facebook marketing can be a big job. And you may not want to do it alone. Business manager allows you to add team members so you can have a whole group of people working on your facebook business page and ad campaigns. Before you add people to your account.

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