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This facebook business manager menu allows you to select the business assets you want to allow access to. You’ll have a chance to review the invitation before you send it and they can confirm. Once you’re finish. You can add more people to your team if ne. Note: a facebook ad account can have up to 25 people associate with the account. After that. You’ll ne to remove team members in order to add more. If someone with access leaves your company or switches to a different role. You can revoke their permissions. Here’s how: from your business manager dashboard. Click people in the left menu. Click on the name of the appropriate person. To it a person’s role or remove them from your team.

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Click the three dots in the right corner. Select whether you want to it their account info. It their business permissions. Or remove them from the business account. Connect your business partners or ad agency this might not apply to you if you’re just getting start with facebook advertising. But you can always come back to this step later. 

From your business manager dashboard. Click business business lead settings in the left menu. In the left menu. Click partners. Under partner to share assets with. Click add. The partners menu in business manager shows two options: add a partner to share assets with or add a partner to request assets from. 

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Your partner must have an existing business manager id. Ask them to provide it to you. They can find it in their own business manager under business settings>business info. Enter the id and click add. The business you’ve just add can manage permissions for the individuals on their own teams from their own facebook business manager account. 

That means you don’t need to worry about Phone Lead assigning and managing permissions for all the individual people who service your account at your agency or partner company. Just the partner company itself. Step 6: add your instagram account now that you’ve got your facebook assets set up. You can connect your instagram account to meta business manager as well.

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