These features, that appear above and beside the search results

After that, Now account for more than 50% of all Google searches. Have increase nearly 10% in the last year.2 The SERP is litter (yes, I say litter) with features right now. So optimizing your website content for these “position-zero” features is critical to a successful SEO strategy. We expect to see greater refinement in SERP features in 2021 as Google pins down what is working and what is just distracting. 6. People talking about the importance of voice search.  These feature For years marketers have been predicting the rise of voice search. Yes, of course voice search is important, but it hasn’t materialized to be a holy grail that was predicted in 2018.

Tackling SEO from a semantic search

These feature Perspective should be just as effective in voice search as it is in the traditional.  SERP in 2021. At the end of the day. Good content is what is going to get you ahead in the SERP and on smart devices, regardless of how users find you.   Conversational marketing to increase leads.  After that, Conversational marketing utilizes new technologies that mimic human Italy Phone Numbers List dialogue in a way that enables interactions between customers and companies. At a large scale.3 Examples include chat bots and lead forms accessed directly from ads.  As these technologies improve, and adoption widens, consumers are going to have growing expectations for how quickly and efficiently their questions can be answered in real-time.


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As real-time interactions

After that, At any time become the norm, consumers are not going to be content to wait until normal business hours to get a response. Any B2C business would do well to pay attention to this growing trend. 8. Personalization….in good measure For many years now we have had a growing ability to personalize digital advertising. As consumers become Phone Lead  more familiar with targeted ads, and more savvy about how ad personalization works. They have growing expectations. Consider these statistics about ad personalization4: 63% of respondents reported being “highly annoyed” by generic advertising blasts. 80% of respondents said they were more likely to do business with a company with a personalized ad experience. 90% of respondents said they found ad personalization appealing.

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