Facebook’s entry in the world of VR

Which creates great marketing opportunities for not-for-profit organizations. Oculus & Facebook Horizon . Facebook’s entry This emerging form of entertainment doesn’t yet offer much opportunity for marketers, but as virtual worlds are built, so to will be new opportunities for marketing. IGTV & Facebook Watch – The features and integrations of Facebook’s long-form video features continue to improve and offer some real competition to YouTube. 4. Automation of Google Ads Google makes it crystal clear that the automation of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a primary goal for the Google Ads platform. In 2020 we saw wider adoption of automated bidding strategies, more options for automation, and a noticeable improvement in semantic keyword matching algorithms.

Our optimism with automated bidding

Better keyword matching has waned somewhat now that Google is being much less transparent with ad auction results. Under the guise of improved privacy, we have now lost access to the vast majority of the search query data we once used to make Hong Kong Phone Numbers List optimization decisions. We can no longer evaluate the quality of semantic matching for the majority of clicks in an ad account. This is a bigger issue for niche industries where Google has much less aggregated data and is therefore less accurate at understanding semantically relevant matches. What this means for the average advertiser is that they could be wasting more money on irrelevant clicks, and they won’t know it.


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It can also be used for donations

It is also more difficult to understand how automated bidding strategies are performing in an auction. This is a critical time to ensure you have a strategic Facebook’s entry PPC plan, clearly defined campaign-level goals, and a well-monitored ad account. And pretty please, as always, think twice before you launch anything with SMART in the title. Google is just not Phone Lead  there yet for most businesses; automation is a tool, not a strategy. 5. “Position Zero” & No-click Searches While we didn’t see a great number of new features in the search engine results pages (SERP) in 2020, we did see a huge growth in the number of individual features displayed on the SERP.

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