In 2021 it will be critical to strike the right balance of ad personalization

It is clear that consumers want to see ads that are relevant and useful to them. However, over-segmentation of your ad audiences can miss significant opportunities. Ad personalization can also be irritating to consumers when you get it wrong. After that, In some verticals, the ability to target ads has been dramatically reduce with the loss of postal code and demographic targeting. And the Apple OS update in early 2021 is also expect to further In it will be impact advertisers’ ability to effectively personalize ads. With all these factors at play, we expect to see some ad personalization hiccups in 2021. It has never been more important to have a robust measurement framework and an experience.

Privacy and Inclusion

After that, The era of internet giants operating unrestrict in the western hemisphere may draw to a close in 2021. As public pressure for fairness and transparency and increase calls for government regulation grows, advertisers should expect more trickle-down Indian Phone Number List effects to their ad strategies in the coming year. In 2020, rising pressure from users led to influential changes to audience targeting on Facebook and Google. Changes to ad targeting have been implemented to make the internet fairer and more inclusive for all users. This change has come at the expense of the ability to target by demographics and postal codes in some verticals. In the Fall, several US states announced antitrust lawsuits against Facebook, Google,.


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These lawsuits will take years to play out

They signal a greater intent by world governments to actively govern business activities online. In the next year, Canada is set to follow GB and enact more strict personal data protections for digital companies.8 This will have far reaching implications for business marketing, similar to the big shifts need in 2016 with the introduction of Phone Lead  CASL legislation. Layer in a growing adoption of ad blockers, and Mozilla and Chrome’s end to third party cookies to increase privacy controls. It is clear that the advertising models of Google and Facebook will be impact in 2021. Update: Google has announce beta testing of it’s alternative to 3rd-party cookies call Federate Learning of Cohorts Instead of third-party cookies, individuals will be group in cohorts to keep individual browsing history private.

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