The great packaging scam when brands sell air at a price of gold

The great packaging of generous dimensions is by no means equivalent to a large amount of product inside . This temple-like truth that many of us already suspected has been recently corroborated. An investigation undertaken in Germany by the Central Consumer Association of Hamburg. In a context in which inflation is skyrocketing. With no intention of putting the brakes on. Brands fill the containers of their products with air to try to convince them that they are buying the usual quantity at the same price (or, failing that, at a lower cost). slightly higher).

Brands fill the containers of their products with air

The so-called “redufflation” is currently the category email list order of the day in the mass consumer sector and to determine its true scope. The Central Consumer Association of Hamburg has randomly chosen 15 items present in supermarkets. Has examined them with X-rays to know precisely what exact proportion of air and product is inside. From the study it is inferred that the containers of the 15 products evaluated are at most half full (and some even less). For their part. The bags of mini chocolate wafers from the Bahlsen brand (which are also sold in Spain). Contain 50% air. The same proportion of product that is approximately in the Dr. Oetker brand cake preparations.

Containers fuller of air than of product in the supermarket

Also organic product brands, whose Phone Lead products should soon be more sustainable, waste money by filling their products with air (and simultaneously teasing the consumer). Therefore, four of the 15 products evaluated had the seal of organic origin stamped on their packaging. “Especially in those moments when budgets are tighter. Therefore, the consumer expects that the containers of what they buy are adequately filled. Emphasizes the Central Consumer Association of Germany. However, with containers filled with air. Consumers are clearly deceived by the manufacturers ,” this organization emphasizes.

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