Why the most creative companies are also the most economically prosperous

Why the most report shows that companies whose creativity is above average are indeed more successful from an economic point of view . In general terms, the most creative companies (and therefore more prone to economic success) are more open to experimentation, are in no way afraid of feedback, and also think more long-term. According to the research, 75% of companies with economic success on their side are more willing to try new things even while accepting that this inevitably entails risks.

Why the most Successful companies cut short-termism and think long-term

On the other hand, while 82% of the industry email list companies that score best in terms of economic performance think in the long term , this percentage collapses to 57% in the rest of the companies. Along these lines, three-quarters of the companies best positioned for economic prosperity own a culture that deliberately encourages feedback. And this proportion is reduced to less than 50% in the rest of the companies. To get the most out of innovation, companies must not take their eyes off their customers and must practice the so-called “customer centricity” in everything they do.

Keys to give wings to innovation in companies

Emphasizes Jens Krüger, CEO of the Phone Lead Bonsai Group. “While the pandemic has fueled digitalization, many companies are still grappling with important cultural and structural changes that prevent them from progressing economically,” he adds. To undertake their research, Hirschen Group and Bonsai Research carried out 20 in-depth interviews with senior executives of large companies such as McDonald’s , Deutsche Telekom, Otto Group and Freenet. And then they put 500 companies from all sectors of activity under the magnifying glass and conducted 200 interviews with businessmen and women.

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