This campaign laughs at the problems of teleworking

Comet Meetings launches, after its recent arrival in Spain, the communication campaign “Real Business Needs Real Meetings” , with the help of the creative studio Putos Modernos . They wallpapered the capital with a series of funny posters about the need for in-person meetings. “Zoom was not invented in a Zoom meeting” , “A minute of silence for that person who spent a minute talking with the microphone off” or “Connect from a 5-star hotel and the Wi-Fi has 1 line” say some of the posters of this ironic campaign.

Need for real human and pleasant meetings

Comet Meetings suggests that there top industry data is still a need for real. Human and pleasant meetings. The company has opened its first building in Madrid. A space that seeks to provide solutions for all types of professional events. Whether for meetings, conferences, training, team-building sessions. Management committees, afterworks, and more. The campaign developed by Putos Modernos is made up of different posters distributed in different areas of Madrid. These expose situations that everyone faced during the sudden period of teleworking as a result of the pandemic . In this way, the benefits of Comet are explained in a fun tone: “The best ideas in a meeting come during coffee breaks or in the shower. We have good coffee. But you better come showered from home.

A fun and ironic campaign about teleworking

This opening in Madrid is an important Phone Lead step in the international expansion of the French company. With this campaign we want to explain what we are and what we are not. In a friendly and friendly way that transmits Comet’s values” Victor Carreau , co-founder and CEO of Comet Meetings. «For us, being able to transmit the Comet vision in our projects is essential Companies have to learn to have fewer. But better meetings. The campaign is motivated by data collected through a study conducted this summer in Spain. France and Belgium. The campaign created by Putos Modernos vindicates the real need of workers to have meaningful meetings, in pleasant. Quality places, demystifying online meetings. Highlighting the continent of meetings so that the content is creative and quality .

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