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To make this possible you need to learn the strategies to create good copy. That is a persuasive text that attracts the public. Click here and read our post on copywriting the technique that will help you create offers that sell and increase your conversions! This post was originally published in April and later updated to contain more complete information. The Cs of marketing are Customer Cost Convenience and Communication. Learn what that means! hotmart Per hotmart min cs of marketing Surely you’ve heard about the Ps of marketing right? But it is not just P that is successful in the area.

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Let’s say that this concept has evolved and today what is in fashion are the Cs of Marketing! Like almost everything in this life marketing has also changed a lot in recent years transforming itself and Latvia Email List approaching new and even more complex concepts. Because of this it is possible to create better strategies to win more customers and better understand their behavior. And in the marketing mix there are always new things. The Cs is one of them a concept totally focused on the consumer. Good but what is it anyway? Understand everything below! Index What are the Cs of Marketing? What about the Ps of Marketing.

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How important are the Cs of Marketing? How to apply the Cs of Marketing in your business? What are the Cs of Marketing? The Cs of marketing Customer Cost Convenience and Communication are Phone Lead related to a concept that focuses on the consumer . unlike Jerome McCarthy’s Ps of marketing which refer to the product. So basically in this concept the idea is that all your actions and digital strategies should be aimed at those who buy from you that is your customers. Therefore paying attention to his needs satisfaction pains and desires convenience and of course the way you communicate with him is essential to obtain good results.

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