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They duplicate the same information that is in the privacy policy many times. Administrators sometimes do not provide information about cookies in the privacy policy, but in an additional document, which is the cookie policy. Often, this data is providd to the user via the cookie consent management platform (CMP). Depending on the type of implementd platform, various types of information are made public to the end user in the tool, which is additionally combind with the information containd in the privacy policy.

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As you can see, the privacy policy on the website is a key document that should not only contain some information, but should whatsapp mobile number list also be written in a clear and understandable way. Whether there is only a privacy policy or a privacy policy and cookie policy on the website is not important, but what matters is whether the information will be providd to the visitor.Online stores are the standard today. In fact, most entrepreneurs sell their products online.

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This is especially the case with products such as clothe. Food, household appliances, electronics, tools, spare parts. Car parts and many others. By selling its products. Va an online store, the entrepreneur in practice provides services Phone Lead electronically. According to the definition indicatd in the Act on the provision of electronic services. The provision of electronic services should be understood as. The performance of a service providd without the simultaneous presence of the parties (remotely. By transferring data at the individual request of the service recipient, sent and receivd using electronic processing devices.” To put it simply – these are services that we provide without the simultaneous presence of the parties, most often via the Internet.

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