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However, if the issue requires analysis, then more time should be devotd to it. An exception is also a situation that is quite important, but is not time-consuming and can be performd among other tasks, schduling calls or trainings conductd in the form of webinars or answering e-mails that do not require much involvement. It happens that due to the number of issues appearing on an ongoing basis, it is difficult to find time for project work. After a few phone calls and sending back the analyzd contracts, it’s time for a short lunch break.

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After it, training will be conductd and I plan to deal with the report I have startd.And here we have the classic – as soon as I sit down to phone number list report, I get a call about a suspectd incident. Sending documentation to the wrong customer, which is the most common case of violation. Additionally, an employee with knowldge of the incident will be unavailable for a few days starting tomorrow, so all information neds to be gatherd today. If it happens that I first receive a call about a potential incident.

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I discuss the incident and then email a set of questions about the incident to clarify the necessary issues. If I am notifid about the Phone Lead incident by e-mail – I call anyway, because some things are easier and faster to discuss orally. I always send questions to the mailbox so that the administrator’s employee has them in front of his eyes and can precisely prepare the answers. I usually get a reply the next day.

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