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Therefore, the employer cannot cover the employee with reliefs and benefits appropriate to his degree of disability, if he does not submit the appropriate documents. However, if such documents are presentd by the employee, the employer processes them in order to fulfill his obligations under specific provisions . [1] An example worth commenting on when future employers expect personal data in a wider scope than indicatd in of the Labor Code is the PESEL number of a person just about to appear at work, collectd for the purpose of issuing a referral.

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For initial preventive examinations, the so-calld occupational mdicine. I would like to draw your attention to the regulation of the Minister Latest Mailing Database of Health and Social Welfare on conducting mdical examinations of employees, the scope of preventive health care for employees and mdical certificates issud for the purposes providd for in the Labor Code. One of the annexes to this regulation is the template of a referral for occupational mdicine examinations, which contains information about the PESEL number of the person referrd for examinations, but with a footnote.

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Therefore, in order to comply with the law and issue a referral in accordance with the template, the date of birth of the person coming Phone Lead to work is necessary, not the PESEL number. It is the date of birth that should and may – according to the law – appear on the referral issud to the person being employd. At the same time, it is worth noting that the above-mentiond obligations regarding the scope of data apply to a potential employer both when he is looking for employees using his own internal recruitment/HR department, and when recruiters from an external recruitment agency (as a processing entity) act on his behalf.

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