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How to become ideal is to make a macro calendar for a certain period according to what is most beneficial for your reality and ideal seasonal periods for the business. Within this macro calendar select the topics that would be interesting to address taking into account the preestablishe objective. From this already delimit the main topics to be brought and always measure the results. Often a certain topic that you consider interesting to work on does not bring the expecte result. Therefore continuously analyze the numbers and make your next plans base on these insights. VIDEO: How to use Facebook Twitter to promote your business. hotmart What are the specifics of Twitter.

Comprehensive JavaScript Learning

We also selecte some of the main specificities of Twitter. Check out! short messages As we state Twitter allows a message of up to characters. In this sense what is taken to this social network needs to be short Marshall Islands Email List and objective so that it conveys the message in a practical way. There is the possibility of making a series of publications around a single theme. But ideally if you need to go deeper into the subject choose another network that is also suitable for your audience such as a blog or LinkedIn. Retweet When the user finds a post interesting he can retweet it.

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That is share on your own network. This helps to increase the engagement and reach of your page which generates more impact for your strategy. Thus there is the possibility of other people getting to Phone Lead know the channel and having contact with your brand which increases the follower base. trends As mentione above Twitter has Trends Topics which are the most commente subjects of the week. It may be an opportunity to define the themes that will be addresse as long as this makes sense with your audience and your editorial line.

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