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Influencers meet Microinfluencers If you market goods & services, this is one trend that does not seem to be going away. Navigating the world of influencers is fraught, so tread carefully and strategically. Microinfluencers (regular people with larger-than-average social media followers) may be a good approach to test the waters of influencer marketing. Find them by social media contests and giveaways. 11. User Experience Your website probably isn’t fast enough, and it probably looks out of date to all those millennials that make up the bulk of your consumer audience. In 2021, expect users to have extraordinarily high expectations of website performance.

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To respond in kind with an update to target what they’re calling “Core Web Vitals”. The focus of this update is fairly technical, but let’s just say that if your site is not loading lightning-fast already, you should be concerned. 50 percent of people won’t purchase from a brand that has a poorly designed mobile site (Think With Google) 12. TikTok & Gen Z Do you really need to pay attention to TikTok? Maybe. (And this is where I start to feel old) TikTok was a bit of a joke around the office when I went on parental leave 18 months ago. Now TikTok has an impressive user base that really cannot be ignored. And the same is true for its largest demographic; Gen Z (those born at the turn of the century) is now entering the workforce and their buying power will only continue to grow.


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They expect relevant advertising

Digital advertising is an absolutely essential component to reaching Gen Z consumers. Keep in mind they’re the first generation to be raised in a world of mobile devices and social media, so they’re going to have very high digital expectations. Here are some interesting notes about Gen Z compared to us millennials:9 They spend more time Phone Lead  on devices. They spend more time on YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat than on Facebook. They are do-gooders and socially conscious. They expect relevant advertising (but indicate privacy is important to them) They prioritize saving money more than millennials (even before the pandemic annihilated their job market.

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