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It’s that life is not predictable. So, I thought I would wrap this up by including some less-data driven predictions for 2021: The monetization of Google Business Profile In 2020 we saw a large expansion of Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) features and business owners are starting to realize how critical their Google Business Profile listings are to their success. Consider how you have updated your clients about things like business hours during the lockdowns. I expect Google will find a better way to make money from these offerings. The death of the text ad….and maybe manual bidding Responsive search ads are now the default and are generally reported to have better results than text ads.

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As automation becomes the default in Google Ads, we expect to see one or more standard manual features stripped away. I expect the first to go will be the good ol’ static text ad. I also predict Google will toy with removing manual bidding options but will roll back on this quickly as the marketers with their pitchforks surround Google headquarters in hell-bent furry. The erosion of segmentation As regional privacy laws get more restrictive and anti-trust lawsuits worldwide threaten to break down our digital data tracking systems, it is naïve to think our ad targeting will not be affected.


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Marketers are going to have to be clever and agile in 2021 to keep ads personalized and segmented to the right audiences for their business. The dawn of 5G While I don’t think 5G is going to change things much on the ground in 2021 (thank-you pandemic), I do think savvy marketers need to keep this brave new world in mind. 5G networks will allow Phone Lead  uninterrupted and seamless digital experiences, regardless of where people are and what they are doing. This will surely mean new places to advertise (fridge screens anyone?) and well as better penetration into rural markets where ads were only a hindrance to their already slow digital experiences.

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