How to increase the margin of financial strength

If you don’t have much knowledge in mathematics don’t worry because the formula is simple just divide the number of people who took an action by the number of people impacts by the campaign and multiply that total by to get the percentage. An example. João crated a landing page to promote an e-book on interior decoration. Out of visitors to the page downloads it as directed. That is of every people who enter João’s page at least downloads it. One more example now relate to ads.

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Marlin is selling a course on architecture and design. She create an ad on the Google Search Network to drive visibility for her product. Out of people who click through bought the course. Proportionally Paraguay Email List for every people who click on the ad approximately bought the course. Sounds like a low number? It depends on the amount invests to make the ads how much she spent to create the course and mainly the value of the product. If the course costs reads Marlin earn with sales made at the launch. Even deducting the costs with the operation this value is still quite expressive do you agree.

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There is still the possibility of testing new versions of the ad and increasing this profit even more. For those who want to save money on producing their own course we also have a blog post that Phone Lead explains how to optimize your spending. What types of conversion rate? There are two types of conversion rate via direct access which is when the user types the address of your page in the browser bar and via organic searches which is when the visitor finds your site by searching on Google. Ideally the conversion rate via direct hits should be higher as it is made up of people who are looking for a specific solution and already know your product.

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