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In the case of the conversion rate for organic searches there is also a distinction between users who search for the keyword of your website and those who found the page searching for relate terms. In both cases the conversion rate should be similar as these users have never had contact with your brand. But do not despair it is possible to increase the conversion rate via organic hits if you have a good position in search rankings. That’s because a recent study cared out by the company Advance Web Ranking show that the first place in Google’s organic searches receives of the clicks while the second and third places receive respectively.

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That is you need to invest in quality content and SEO Search Engine Optimization techniques to offer the best user experience and make your page increasingly relevant. How to use conversion rate to Peru Email List improve your performance? Calculating the conversion rate for each campaign separately is the best way to know which actions and channels are giving the best results. Having this information is important to optimize what is already working and rethink the format of ads pages or emails that are not performing well.

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It is worth noting that your conversion rate depends on the campaign objective lead generation or sales the audience you target and of course the niche you serve. If you offer a product for free the conversion Phone Lead rate of this campaign will probably be higher than that of a page focus on sales for example because you are delivering something of value to your customer without asking for anything in return. But you must remember that once the user agrees to be part of your email list the work doesn’t end there. It will be necessary to nourish this lead with content which implies an investment of time and money even if less than in sponsor link campaigns.

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