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Different from what many people think this rate does not only refer to complete sales but to all the results achieve with marketing actions such as filling out the registration form downloading rich material requesting a quote subscribing to the newsletter among others. others. Why calculate the conversion rate? Through the conversion rate it is possible to monitor the results of your marketing actions and even compare two periods of time to find out which strategies were most effective in attracting traffic capturing leads and making sales.

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This data in addition to other metrics is useful for optimizing your spending on digital marketing showing whether your investments in paid advertising landing pages email marketing and actions with influencers Panama Email List are bringing financial return to your business or if you are just wasting it money. It is worth remembering that when a business is starting the profit is not always immediate. Therefore it is important to monitor the performance of your actions periodically in addition to carrying out several tests until you discover what works best for your niche audience. Oftentimes a simple change in the appearance of the page/ad can increase the conversion rate of a campaign you thought was lost.

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Before calculating the conversion rate it is also important to define the objective of the campaign. If your intention is to attract visibility to the brand the number of followers and the number of likes are metrics Phone Lead to consider. If your focus is lead generation the number that matters to you is the number of people who sign up to receive some of your content as these users are one step ahead of the customer journey. What to do? Homaro Tips How to calculate the conversion rate? Now that you know what the conversion rate is you must be curious to know how to calculate it right.

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