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What is direct from excess It may seem counterintuitive. But when you have too many ideas or possibilities at hand you can experience writers block. This excess paralysis is also known as the paradox of choice. Who investigate and explainer this concept very well was Barry Schwartz psychologist and professor of Social Theory and Social Action at Swarthmore College who wrote a book on the subject and also gave a presentation on Totals. He explains that the more choices we have the more dissatisfies or confuse we can be. This generates frustration and paralysis. Stress Stress is a physiological cause of writers block.

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When you are physically and emotionally worn out it tends to be difficult for you to find new ideas or develop a project. Lack of planning Sometimes you may even know what you want to create but Portuguese Timor Email List the lack of efficient planning can stop you. If you dont have a sense of what the next steps are what exactly you need to do in the next steps it will probably be harder to be creative. And the last cause is. Lack of mastery of the topic Ideas are usually the result of combinations that our brain makes between things weve seen before.

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If you have little mastery over a topic you will have little material in your head to work with and create something different. And that can create a creative block. VIDEO: How to work with creativity and good taste Phone Lead in content production Betto Auge Hotmart Cast Cut techniques to stimulate creativity and overcome creative block Weve separate techniques for you to overcome creative block but that doesnt mean you need to apply all of them. The strategies youll use depend on why youre having writers block so weve laid out the main causes first. The more present you are to why you lack creativity the easier it will be to identify what you need to do.

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