Run flyers at the same time

Run flyers at is its when we keep dragging our feet to start something knowing that later well have to rush to deliver everything on time. Most interestingly recent studies have reveale that the cause of procrastination is not necessarily a time management problem but an emotional response to avoid something unpleasant and do something that feels temporarily good. This means that for example people prefer to watch a series instead of cleaning the house because the first task is more pleasurable than the second.

Advantages and disadvantages of direct marketing

If writing an article or recording a video isnt something pleasant for you chances are youre feeling out of ideas because your brain is looking for another more interesting activity to do. Perfectionism Many Pitcairn Email List people face writers block because they are waiting to get a perfect idea in their head before putting it on paper. If thats your case I need to warn you: you rarely have good ideas at first. The best texts videos art music are usually the result of refinement. You start with something soso and work on making it better. Fear of past success.

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Long-term with clients

This happens to those who have had some success in the past. He wrote a sales letter that generate millions of reais made a video that receive countless views had a text that was awarded. And then Phone Lead when you go to work on the next thing comes that what if pressure. What if I do this and its not as good as the last one. If that was my only bright idea. What if I never succee again. This pressure is a great villain of creativity because it blocks the flow of thoughts in search of something that is perfect. But as I told you in the previous topic rarely is the first draft or version of anything perfect.

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