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Types and examples all distractions When you have a creative block cause by procrastination your brain will be looking for more pleasurable things to do. That means youll probably check your messages check your email browse social media all to avoid having to deal with the demand you have. To increase your focus and thus work on your creativity remove objects like your cell phone from your table or field of vision that can distract you. Dont try to multitask Nowadays it is very common to try to do several things at the same time.

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This type of behavior may be hurting your productivity and creativity. What happens is that our brain is not actually multitasking it keeps switching quickly between one activity and another. This makes Reunion Email List people slower to complete requests and increases their stress level which is one of the reasons why you might have writers block. Find your golden hour There are people who work better in the morning there are others who prefer to work at night and sleep later. Find the moment of your day when it is easier for you to concentrate and take the opportunity to dedicate yourself to activities that require more of you creatively.

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Leave the simplest repetitive and bureaucratic demands to do at times when you have less inspiration. Dont waste your energy before starting If you need to create a text a video an image prioritize that. Even if Phone Lead youre not feeling inspire right now. Because if you invest your energy in other activities then you will possibly feel more mentally tire and will have more difficulty producing. Especially avoid dealing with demands that are emotionally draining and stressful before starting to create. Use technology to your advantage There are several tools and applications that can help you concentrate better and focus your energy on the activities you need to express your creativity.

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