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In the example in the previous topic Laura Belgray’s. Photos were use to fill in the empty space on the page. Imagine how weird the landing page would look with all that white area and the title. Floating in the middle give it a cool look which is the face of the business and still apply one of the design principles that we will explain to you shortly. VIDEO How to use DESIGN to sell more? – Hotmart Tips. Apply encapsulation The word encapsulation may sound a little strange but it is a design principle that serves to direct people’s attention to a particular object. Encapsulation means exactly putting it inside a capsule that is putting content inside a closed area.

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Check out these two photos that apply this principle Source Pinterest In these two images the first thing you see is the child and the city lights you almost have to make an effort to really look at Hong Kong Email List everything else. Precisely because these two objects are encapsulated by the tunnel and the hole in the stone. But what does this mean for your landing page? That the most important elements which are the sign-up form and the CTA should be encapsulated rather than floating on the page.

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Just look at the difference that makes applying this principle create landing page – encapsulation example. Use color to create contrast Another element that you should explore to direct the visitor’s Phone Lead attention to the most important point of your landing page is the colors. If you haven’t heard of it studies in the field of color psychology show that different colors trigger certain emotions in people. No wonder many logos are in blue as this color encourages feelings of confidence and calm. But in addition this element has another essential role which is to make something jump out of the screen and draw attention among other objects.

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