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All of its elements are there to lead the visitor to perform a specific action which could be downloading an ebook subscribing to a newsletter signing up for an online short course or a webinar for example. The landing page is of great importance within the digital marketing and sales strategy as through it it is possible to achieve a more direct form of contact with potential customers. When a visitor signs up for a webinar for example they need to leave their email address.

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This form of direct contact can be used in the future to develop a relationship with the potential customer and make an offer of your product or service. And it is so that you can conquer new potential customers that in the next topics we will give you golden tips to create professional landing pages without having to spend a lot on it. Index. Create Haiti Email List catchy and irresistible titles. Explore the power of images to grab attention. Apply encapsulation. Use color to create contrast. Use arrows to guide the reader to an action. Add a description to your CTA if needed. Ask for only the necessary information on the form. Use whitespace well. Use fonts to make your landing page look like your business.

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Optimal distribution of time

Include social proof Use a countdown timer to increase the sense of urgency. Don’t compromise on responsive design. Use anchors for easy navigation. Reduce the loading time of your pages. Use your own Phone Lead domain with SSL certificate. Do ab test. Create catchy and irresistible titles The first thing someone sees when they land on a landing page is the title. Generally because he is one of the most prominent elements. Be it font size placement or color. Look at this example taken from the Talking Shrimp website Even if you don’t know any.

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