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This jump off the screen effect can be achieved by using contrasting colors. Between the background and the object you want to highlight. For example on the landing page of digital entrepreneur Erico Rocha the orange color of the. CTA button stands out among the other elements. create landing page – example Erico Rocha If you look closely. CTA is the only time this color is used precisely because its purpose is to point out something important. If it were used all over the page it would lose that power. Still regarding colors there is another rule that you should apply on your landing. Page Rule of three No this is not that mathematical rule that. We learn at school to discover a value by comparing it with three others.

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It’s a good design practice to help you create your landing page’s color palette. Basically it means that you should use a maximum of three colors one main and two complementary in addition Iceland Email List to white and black. You can use a tool like Adobe Color to test which colors go best with each other or take advantage of the ready-made palettes that are available there. Use arrows to guide the reader to an action When you’re looking for a path it’s easier to find if there are arrows pointing in the right direction.

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On your landing page it’s not much different. The visitor is more likely to complete the action if their view is directed towards it. And you don’t need to put big blinking arrows. In this landing page that I have Phone Lead already shown in another item for example pointing fingers fulfill this role. create landing page – example arrows You can also use the movement of other elements to direct the visitor’s gaze to the object you want for example the bees point to the word Honey.

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