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Finds all communities just select the recording feature to start using it. Clicking on it will start a three-second countdown. From then on the screen will start to be recorded and everything. You do on the cell phone from that moment on will be recorded. Extra tip press your finger on the recorder icon. Upon doing so some options will appear. In them you can configure whether or not you want the microphone to be on. While the screen recording takes place. Also where you want to send the recording when it’s finished eg Gmail Google Photos and others.

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Also when recording the cell phone screen. The clock locat on the top left of the cell phone will turn red. This way you will know that the recording is in progress. On the other hand if you want to end the Ukraine Email List recording just click on the clock icon and in the new window that opens select Stop. How to record a screen on Android As with iOS recording the screen on Android alone can be done in just a few steps. Check out! Swipe across the screen from top to bottom x twice Afterwards several shortcuts will appear.

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On some cell phones the Screen Recorder icon will already appear. In others it will be necessary to slide to the side as it may be locatd in another tab If the icon does not appear on the screen neither in the first part Phone Lead nor when dragging it to the side go to Edit. Then look for the recorder and along with the other shortcuts drag it. If you found the recorder icon just click on it Here the native mobile app will open and from here you can start your recordings. As in iOS when clicking on start a countdown will appear Finally with your recording finish just swipe across the screen that is from top to bottom and then click on the recording icon.

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