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Uploads calculations if the specialty of your business is to develop explanatory videos in this post we will indicate to you the best apps to record the screen of mobile devices and thus make incredible videos for your audience. Let’s go? Index How to record cell phone screen without using an app? How to Record Mobile Screen on iPhone How to Record Mobile Screen on Android apps to record your cell phone screen that you can download now Start recording your videos now How to record cell phone screen without using an app.

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Although there are good apps to record your cell phone screen today it is worth remembering that most current smartphones already have screen recording tools in the mobile system itself. Thus you can record UK Email List your device’s screen without having to download an app both on iOS iPhone and iPad and Android devices Asus Motorola Samsung Xiaomi etc It’s also worth noting that the functions and features of these native tools are often more simplified which doesn’t mean they’re bad okay? Next we will explain the complete step by step on how to record the cell phone screen on iPhone and Android devices natively.

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How to record screen on iPhone To record screen on iPhone and iPad manually you only need to follow five steps Click on the Settings icon On the new screen select Control Center Now scroll down the screen a Phone Lead little and click on the + icon locate on the left side of Screen Recording from here the tool will be available at the top of the screen under Include Controls In Include Controls you can adjust the position of the screen recorder that is direct it to the area you want it will be at the end below items such as flashlight alarm camera etc. Finally just slide across the screen interface that is make movements from top to bottom to access the taskbar.

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