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The video will be save in your gallery. If you follow this step by step whether on Android or iOS and your cell phone didn’t show the recording option don’t worry! Well we separate ten great app options to record your cell phone screen. Check it out below! To use them just download them on your smartphone. How to screencast [for free] Hotmelt Tips apps to record your cell phone screen that you can download now If your cell phone does not have a screen recorder option or you want to use a more complete application with advance features we have some alternatives Possibility to record the screen and at the same time the front camera image ideal for gameplay videos Record only one area of ​​the screen Include screen touches And other features.

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You can download an app available in your mobile app store App Store or Play Store. Check out the best options below!. AZ Screen Recorder AZ Screen Recorder can be downloads for free from Uruguay Email List the Play Store. The app lets you record good quality videos and also has a function that lets you activate sound capture during recording. The material product is experts directly to your cell phone’s gallery but the application has an internal gallery if necessary. In addition AZ Screen Recorder has had more than million downloads and is rated. by Play Store users.

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This means then one of the highest scores among programs in the category. Screen Recorder Unlimited With Screen Recorder Unlimited you can capture any content on your smartphone with no duration Phone Lead limit and with the option to define the number of frames per second. As for the adjustments available we have the resolution and orientation of the recording this can be horizontal or vertical. In addition Screen Recorder Unlimited has devices in standard format such as audio recorder and external gallery.

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