But it has been a must for me Being unemployed

 I anticipated and pre-marketed the e-book for longer and the launch time was now two weeks. The same panic struck at this launch as well. What the hell am I doing for two weeks to stay on people’s minds? In this launch, I sent four emails in that 14 days. Can’t say effective email marketing… February sales: €2,815.00 The second time I felt like giving up. : 5 tips on how to stop buying with credit cards (Post deleted, because I don’t cover finances on the blog anymore.) MARCH 2016 In March, panic started to set in. Sales had fallen badly in February, and sales of the revised e-book did not take off. It was time to develop new products. It was crazy to go into traffic with only one digital product.

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 business that produced 76K sales in 14 months (broken down month by month) APRIL 2016 I knew two e-books weren’t enough. I knew I needed something concrete, something new for my product range. The beginning latest database of the month had been challenging in terms of sales and I was in deep water again. ” Nothing will come of this. I just can’t. Maybe I took too big of a piece of the cake though… ” (#3 times I wanted to give up) The thought came from my subconscious and it was damn quick. And lowered self-esteem effectively. But then I forced a conscious thought to the surface: ” If I give up now, I’ll have to wonder for the rest of my life if I could have made it work. And I can! I haven’t even tried everything related to marketing yet. ” The universe is listening after all… As if someone had heard my thoughts, because a couple of days later, an email popped up in my email, in which Timo and Joona from the Coaching Academy offered a six-month sparring opportunity.

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One product was already known, namely the second e-book “6 steps to financial independence”. I wanted the book to be once again as concrete and deeply creative as possible. I also wanted another perspective on things in the book. So I contacted Juuso Purase and asked if he would be interested in writing an e-book with me. Juuso and I divided the Phone Lead workload of writing the book roughly in half and got to work. At some point, however, I realized that writing a book takes time, online coaching materials take time, and marketing should be done through blog articles. Had to try Facebook ads. I started the campaign with cautious optimism. . There will be a sale, yay! March sales: €4,340.00 The most popular blog article of March: What to do when the salary is not enough? Testimonials: 2016 Business Review: How I built a digital

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