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ERROR! No worries, online coaching is easy to do suit sait. Then we just focus on other work… Fortunately, book sales recovered. Welcome to the reality: a sickly long time. I used 2–3 working days to make one week’s worth of material. Crazy. January sales: €4,620.00 The first time you feel like giving up. FEBRUARY 2016 ” Okay. Facebook broke. Yesterday it served ads to 10,000 people, today to 500. How can I make sales if I can’t direct people to the e-book sales page? ” “Blog! I’ll focus on the blog. I don’t have time to learn Facebook advertising. I don’t have the budget to test and optimize. Ingenuity is needed now. Marketing budget to zero and free marketing to develop!” TiiaKonttinen.fi proudly presents: The first official blog article (Post deleted, because I don’t discuss finances on the blog anymore.) The focus was quite badly lost even at that stage. Likewise the subject. My finances are a good topic to write about, but damn broad. At the end of February, I launched a renewed e-book.

Then you just had to wait

 It wasn’t THAT mistake, the mistake was that I didn’t stop optimizing in time. “I will make this change…” “Okay, yesterday I sold six e-books, today four. I will make this change…” “Okay, now it’s only three e-books. If I made this change…?” “Wow, one e-book went on sale today. Surely this change will help…?” “Hmm… no e-books for a week. You new data have to go back to the old sales page. Which of these 268 versions is the one that worked….?” I spent two weeks digging for the right sales page. I finally found it and sales started to pick up. Note to self 1: “If something works, DON’T STOP IT!” Note to self 2: ” Be damned happy if you can sell six e-books a day. ” December sales: €1,690.00. JANUARY 2016 New Year New tricks. The first online training for the pilot. YES! Online coaching length: 6 months –> ERROR! How many students do I need to make the training worthwhile? I DO NOT KNOW! How many students came to the training? 11, of which 5 paid and 7 entered through contests and raffles.

One podcast and two guest articles

I started the launch at 12:00. Shortly before that, I published a sales page, then I changed the cover photos of the social media channels and finally I sent an email to my readers of the weekly newsletter. . And then panic struck. The launch time was 7 days, but I had no idea what I would do in the week that followed. I started thinking feverishly about how I could get information about the e-book to an increasingly large audience.  later, I was satisfied. I Phone Lead had calculated that €3,500.00 in sales per month would be quite enough. In theory, it would have been enough, but then a few not-so-good business decisions were made. The expenses did not follow until December. November sales: €3,463.00 Testimonial: “I calculated that after buying the book I have managed to make about €400.00 extra money, which you talk about in your book. Unbelievable!” -Kaisa DECEMBER 2015 In December, the worst possible mistake was made. I set out to optimize the e-book sales page.

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