Making the online coaching material took

MAY 2016 May started on a hopeful note. The only gray cloud in the sky was that now I had two online trainings, the material of which I adapted as the training progressed. The first online training would end at the beginning of July and the second at the end of July. So the summer would be reasonably busy. Again. The writing of the second e-book proceeded at the agreed pace and it seemed that the launch schedule (end of June) was kept. Making the materials for the second online training was already better. I had outlined the content of the coaching in more detail on paper before sending the sales message. It took about two working days to make one week’s training materials: PowerPoint presentations, workbook pages, filming and editing. May sales: €7,300.00

And decided to send it to

I spent about an hour writing a sales letter (I had received the template from Timo)  my 918 weekly letter subscribers (one of the three lists). After pressing the send button, I closed the machine and went for a run. In fact, the day was already well into the afternoon when I next opened my laptop and email. 36 responses to a message I special data had sent asking for more information about the coaching and 8 receipts for buying the coaching! I couldn’t believe my eyes! Inquiries and receipts trickled into the e-mail all evening. After 24 hours I had filled the first group and decided to take the second group alongside the first. 48 hours after sending the message, both groups were full . April sales: €6,363.00 April’s most popular blog article: What do you do when two months of work seems to have vanished like ashes in the wind? A story about the everyday life of a digital entrepreneur .

At the end of the month

There were only two free places and I firmly decided to join. ” So what if they take 10 to spar. I don’t care, I want to join! ” So the application is in and the email is after. I tried hard not to appear desperate but still willing to be sparred. A few days later I received an email: I had been selected! We had time to spar with Timo twice in April. Still, at the end of April, the situation looked like there were two options ahead: apply for a small loan from the bank Phone Lead put the straws in the bag and stop the business, I sat on the sofa in the evening after the children went to bed and thought about the future. I didn’t want to give up, I didn’t want to give up (#4 times) and I knew that I could build a business that would generate automatic cash flow of several thousand euros per month. I just didn’t know how. With that thought I went to sleep. The next morning I got an idea for a new online training .

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