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Where to look the characteristics of ads in the Stories function: They allow second videos or images of up to seconds; Videos must be in format and photos in Photos cannot excee MB and videos must be a maximum of GB. Text specs Regardless of the format you choose for your ads the rules for text are the same. If text is superimpose on the image it cannot occupy more than of the photo. The ad description is limite to characters. Our tip is to avoid long texts because in this case the user needs to click on Learn more if he wants to read the entire message.

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Is it worth creating content on business. Currently business has become one of the main showcases for its users desire and purchases around the world just like Pinterest. According to a survey publishe Nauru Email List by business in the social network has million Brazilian users who access the app every day. This data makes Brazil the third country with the highest number of active users. Knowing the power of business more and more companies are also becoming present within the social network to publicize their brand and make more sales either through organic means or using business Ads.

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The company announce that of Brazilian users follow at least one brand in their personal profile either to make future purchases or to seek references for their daily lives while like to use the social network Phone Lead to follow and like the photos of these businesses. Soon we can see that creating content on business is very important to humanize the business regardless of the segment and to create a strong connection with the possible customer. Including of respondents still said that companies need to be present on social networks to be remembere at the time of purchase.

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