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Setting up database selecte images must have a minimum resolution of × pixels. ads with videos business video ad example business also allows ads with videos. This can be a great option for short tutorials about your product. About video features: The platform allows videos of up to seconds. Just like photos the size is x pixels for square videos and x in landscape format. photo carousel In this format it is possible to create a gallery of at least two and a maximum of ten images and link them in the same ad. Below the publication icons appear showing the user that he can view other photos if he drags the screen to the side. About the features of the pictures: Images must be x pixels for square ads and x pixels for landscape format.

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It is worth mentioning that all of them must have the same display format so that the ad is harmonious. Photos must have a minimum resolution of × pixels and a maximum resolution of in the case Mozambique Email List of images in landscape format. collection ads business collection ad It is possible to make collection advertisements displaying several products and their prices. This format allows videos images or both. Ad in Stories Since business has adde the Stories function which are shortlive images or videos that disappear hours after being posted. But to use this functionality you must mark the Reach option as your campaign objective.

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You can still insert links in stories to direct people to your page. This function is release for verifie profiles those with the blue seal and business profiles business. If your page still doesnt fit into any of these categories Phone Lead just go to your profile click on the three little lines in the upper right corner Settings Account Change to professional account to carry out the migration. professional profile on business Take the opportunity to read our text on how to gain more followers on business.

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