What is the role of strategy in a company?

Normally when I talk about strategy in a company, I am thinking of the majority of companies in which this responsibility does not have a fixed place in the organizational chart. I usually direct it to the marketing department, but it can be in other places. In my daily reading I have found a study that analyzes the role of the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) in large companies. It is an old study (2014), but it serves me perfectly to establish the . Debate on the role and place that the head of strategy occupies within the organization chart. But before commenting on the study, let’s start at the beginning.

Who is responsible for strategy in a company?

As with many of the main functions within a company, their place in the organization chart and their importance vary depending . On the size of the company and its orientation to the area. From the beginning, most of the vital functions of the company fall on the founding team and then these are distributed and many end up being diluted as the company grows. But let’s . Think about an average company. Which department/position is responsible for industry email list defining the company’s strategy? Who ensures that the company is guided to . Make it grow and meet its objectives? Fundamentally the highest person in charge (CEO, general director, etc.).

What are the main profiles of a strategy manager or Chief Strategy Officer ?

I found the profiles defined after the study on the role of the strategist . Within a company very interesting , as they adapt to the needs of the company. In the image that.  I leave below, you can see that the profiles are. Architect : in my opinion they are the closest (along with the visionary) to the Phone Lead role of pure strategists. They detect movements in the industry and monitor the competition to try to get ahead of them and . Protect your company from possible risks and even manage possible mergers and acquisitions. Their objective with these movements is to . Enhance the organic growth of the organization and achieve competitive advantages that allow it.

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