Acute digital reunionitis

The pandemic has changed many of our habits, some are gradually returning to their previous state and others are still evolving. A discussion that is very active is related to the format of work attendance: in-person, teleworking or hybrid. If confinement has shown anything, in its different phases, it is something that we have been looking for for a long time and it did not seem possible. Companies can continue operating with some of their employees working remotely. But what will be the format that will be imposed? I think that the 100% online format is not possible. It can work if necessary , but people need human interaction to function. We are social beings, it’s that simple. And a video conference is not enough for us . This directly affects our performance, and therefore the company’s results.

Acute digital reunionitis

Beyond the format of attendance at work, something that has changed with confinement is the number of meetings and their efficiency. I recently shared on Linkedin one of the wonderful comic strips by Tom Fishburne (Marketoonist), which reflects one of the biggest problems of companies (the bigger the company, the bigger the problem usually is): Using common sense we could say that remote meetings should contribute to making them more efficient (and in some cases category email list this has been the case), but since they are all online what has caused us to have more meetings and these, logically, are less efficient .

How to make your work meetings more efficient

Necessity of the meeting: the meeting organizer is responsible for determining if the meeting is necessary, or as the comic says it could be resolved by email. There is no established rule, it is pure common sense. The very dynamics of your work will mark it for you. It’s a matter Phone Lead of getting to the right point. Have a previously agreed agenda. All attendees must bring their homework done: with so many meetings, and more so during confinement, we have seen how a significant percentage of meeting attendees are just that, attendees. They don’t contribute much, and sometimes they are working on other issues at the same time, 

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