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So you can get inspire and create a high-converting landing page for your business. Just look Uber Uber is one of the biggest transportation companies in the world if not the biggest. And the business works because drivers from all over the world register in the application. One of the gateways is this landing page. It works because the benefit is clear. Who wouldn’t want to earn money on their own schedule? Note that the green next button is an excellent CTA. It stands out from other items on the page calling the visitor to take an action. The title is persuasive short direct and focus on the target audience the company would like to reach people. Who are dissatisfy with their income and would like to work flexible hours.

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Aside from the CTA there is only a very discreet exit link in the top right corner of the page for those who want to travel with Uber and not become a driver. Crisp Franklin Top Info product Crisp Franklin Namibia Email List is an entrepreneur who offers training to leverage digital businesses. And the title of the page makes this message very clear without going around. Again the CTA is highlight in green and the phrase Yes! I want to build my digital product is strong and makes it clear what the visitor is agreeing to by clicking.

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In addition the entire part above the first fold that is what appears on the screen before the user has to scroll the page is simple and focus on drawing attention to the offer. Mouse flow is a tool for creating heat Phone Lead maps to identify which are the actions on a page that receive the most interactions from visitors. The highlight on this landing page is the videos and images throughout the page that show how the tool works and the explanations of why each type of heatmap is useful.

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