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Which type is best for my business? With the landing page examples in hand now it’s your turn! What is a Landing Page? A landing page is a page with a specific objective to convert. It exists for that and no other purpose. Therefore all of its elements are focus on getting the visitor to take an action be it signing up to participate in a course downloading an eBooks or making a purchase. Anything on the page that might distract the potential customer should be eliminated. Therefore the landing page basically consists of an offer a form and a call to action. A very common question that people have is What is the need to create a landing page.

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Your homepage and your website as a whole usually have a set of general information such as your business history institutional messages services provided. And within that the visitor can get Myanmar Email List lost going from one page to another and leave without making a purchase or leaving a contact form. The landing page is for just that getting potential customers’ email addresses so that you can then take a more personalize approach or offer a product or service without distractions. This often leads to higher conversion rates than directing visitors to your homepage and letting them find their way around.

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Killer landing page examples to inspire you and increase your conversions When creating your landing pages the question may arise what do I need to do to have a high conversion page? And this applies from the Phone Lead page layout colors elements and even the copy of your offer and calls to action. That’s why we’ve separate here for you landing page examples use by large companies entrepreneurs and professionals who are references in copywriting and page creation. I brought examples from different niches and also from different types of page capture sale download of rich material webinar registration.

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