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The placement and selects email template If we ask for an example of email marketing. Chances are you would think of a promotional email. Because just like everyone else you should receive several emails with offers of products or services every day. The main purpose of this template is to make you an offer. This is the time to convert all messaging with your leads into a relationship. It’s time to ask “Do you accept to be my client?” That’s why it’s essential that you have a very clear and attractive CTA. It may even be interesting to get away from the obvious buy now or learn more.

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I separate two examples of promotional emails that in my opinion were creative and efficient when creating the call to action email marketing templates Another example of a very creative promotional Tuvalu Email List email is this campaign by Bonobos a men’s clothing store. email marketing templates When you click on your short size you are direct to a landing page with several models of shorts in your size for you to buy with a discount. The structure of the promotional email template is made up of two indispensable elements an offer and a call to action.

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Your offer can be further detail like the Empiric’s example which explains that there will be a price adjustment but you can still subscribe at the old price. Or more direct like the Catia and Bonobos examples. Regardless Phone Lead of how you choose to do it your email should have just one focus your offer. Anything that is unrelate to her must be cut. Transactional email template This email template is usually already expect by the recipient. Because it’s the kind of email we get when we buy something when the order is dispatch or when you forget your password for example. It serves to notify about a transaction.

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